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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Query #17: E! Online. Plus, I'm employed!!

Good news. I found a job!

I will begin as an admissions representative at Allied Medical and Technical Institute in Forty Fort on June 1. If anyone who knows me personally is reading this, it may sound familiar. Yep. It is what I did before I went back to school, only I was then at their Scranton location. I will have the same boss, coincidently. I don't think the job ever left my heart-- and I saw an opening advertised. Got a call almost immediately, had two interviews and they gave me an offer I couldn't say no to!

So, why did I go back to school then, you ask? Several reasons:
1. I finished what I started
2. I can say I have a college degree
3. I was opened up to the world and feel more knowledgeable, especially by adding sociology as a second major
4. Now that I have the BA, I am pursuing my master's in media studies. This means I can keep going. And eventually teach.
5. I was able to work side by side with some great people, students and faculty.

I did want to get into journalism full-time, but I am not in a position to up and leave to follow a job. I am tied to this area (read: we just bought a house) and do love Northeast PA and in a way want to be a part of the growth. (There has been an upheaval of young people leaving, and an effort to get local talent to stay. I try to be involved in community things here, so sometimes I feel hypocritical if I speak of leaving....) So, I need to find work here. So, this is what I had to do. The media here is not presenting any full-time opps. But, I will continue to write for the local publications I do (I hope!) and I plan on trying to freelance on a larger scale-- hence this blog! Maybe I'll even try another book.

I have an interview with a Survivor alum and need to find a place for it. I saw a posting on MediaBistro for E! Online. They are looking for movie correspondents. (Check it out if you think you have "it"!) I think given my locale, I could not regularly enough get the details on upcoming movies E! craves. However, since they do have a need for writers, I thought a pitch for a single story now may work. So, I pitched to them a story on this Survivor and his latest endeavors. The thing is, I also wrote two stories recently about people who were on E!- Dave Russo, E!'s The Entertainer runner-up graduated from my college, and I wrote an alumni profile for him in the college's alumni magazine. And, I recently interviewed Jonny Fairplay from Survivor about his role in The Scorned and Kill Reality, both which aired on E!. Those were the two clips I attached to my pitch letter. This would just be awesome! Wish me luck! And again- for those of you reading this who live in New York or LA of just have better connections than I, check out that post at mb.


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