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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Query #16- On the Prowl

I've decided to title the, well, title "Query #" rather than "Day #." It just makes more sense.

I have a busy day tomorrow, so I already sent out my query of the day around midnight, which technically is a new day. I sent a query to InsiderHigherEd.com for an article on a college guide company. The twist is that these guides are written by students at the respective school. Hope they consider it.

I have also been posting some things that have not found a home-- or things from my "archives"-- on Associated Content. You know, just to get my name out there. There is one pretty cool website I reviewed
called MyHeritage- just throwing it out there incase anyone reading this blog wants to see what celebrity they look like. Of course, this would never count a one of my queries of the day-- just little bonuses.

As far as the full-time job hunt- it's rough. I can't relocate at the moment (tied into a mortgage) and there isn't much in my field locally. I don't want to have to take just any job, as I went back to school for a reason! Oh, the pressure. At least I have time to blog and query!


Blogger Isabel said...

I've heard bad things about Associated Content. What's your experience with them so far?

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