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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Query #20: Admissions

Today I sent another query selling myself, rather than an idea. Last year, I wrote an article for the Career College Association's The Link. It was a first-person perspective on what inspired me to compile my self-published book while working as an admissions representative at a career school, and how the stories could help other admissions people understand the students they were trying to help. Coincidently, my uncle who works for a financial company with several career school clients was going to the CCA convention in Vegas last year. He invited me along. Mind you, I already had submitted the article and it was accepted. So, I was able to meet CCA people, primarily the publications manager, in person.

I was going through my portfolio yesterday and saw the article. Duh! Now that I am back in admissions-- well, starting tomorrow- and back in the whole career college "thing" I am sure ideas will hit me once I get back into the swing of things. I didn't pitch an idea just yet, but I did let the editor know I was back in the career school industry full-time, still writing on the side and would be interested in contributing again. I let him know I'd be pitching some ideas soon, but was also available on assignment should he need anything. They always say find something you are the expert in to write about, so now that I am back in education (primarily adult) I could also use this knowledge to pitch elsewhere and also seek out ideas from students. Gosh, I feel like I suddenly have ulterior motives to having a 'real' job!

As far as the follow-ups I made yesterday, no bites. Yet. I'm being optimistic that one has to come out of the dozen or so I made the past few weeks!


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