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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A day of follow ups

Hello! Hope everyone's Memorial Day weekend was full of fun- and lots of grilling.

Speaking of grilling, I plan on today "grilling" the editors I've e-mailed the past few weeks about my queries. I think instead of sending a new query today, I just want to play catch up before I start sending out the next few weeks of query-a-days! I wasn't around the computer much this week. Over the weekend we finally got the gravel for our driveway. We've been parking in the mud since we've been here. It wouldn't have been too, too bad but one, it's been raining so much and two, Dave has a big, heavy work van which makes ruts that my car gets stuck in. Yeah. Quite comical some mornings! Then, the rest of the weekend was spent going to this family member's place to that family member's place. Good fun. I missed the computer and querying, but I think it was a much-needed calm before the storm.

Monday starts five weeks of hell. At least 20 days of hell. I start working full-time. Yay! But that's not the hell part. I also have to take chemistry at the local community college. That is four days a week from 5:30-8:20, then the lab directly after until 10:30. I am wondering how much writing I can get done during this time, since I will be away from home from 8:00 a.m. until 11:00-ish p.m. (And what is my dear Dave going to do without dinner?!) I am hoping that the labs are quick and painless and the instructor lets us go when done.
I do hope I will have the energy to get up early and get some queries out in the a.m before I leave.

Again, thanks so much for everyone's comments and links. This project is so fun, and I am hoping that it inspires others to get their ideas out there! Wish me luck as I send out my follow-ups and think of some new ideas for later this week!



Blogger Jonathan & Kari said...

You are definitely inspiring the rest of us. I had no idea how "normal" it is to get those rejection letters, or no response at all. I'm pretty new at all of this, so your blogging has been a great tool and motivator.

Thank you!

1:53 AM  
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