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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Query #22: Soup of the Day, Take 3

Happy Sunday. Just like that, the weekend is over. Gone. Back to work tomorrow. I spent the better part of the weekend working on the manuscript for the children's story. I can't wait to get it off to the publisher, but I want to be sure several people look it over first. I get chills thinking about the possibility of this story being on a shelf one day! (Not sure if those chills are from the excitement, or because the story is set in the winter!)

Since I received a few rejections for the Soup of the Day story, I am going to shop it elsewhere. I sent out a new query to a different publication today on that. I also wrote a query yesterday for Horse Illustrated on a local rescue organization, but they prefer queries to be mailed, not emailed, so I will officially send that one out on Monday. I found out about that magazine through the AbsoluteWrite.com premium markets newsletter, which I would highly recommend. It's only $15 per year to get this wonderful newsletter! Check it out.


Blogger Coolshoes said...

If you write well, and know something about horses, most of the horse pubs will buy a decent complete manuscript. I know, I wrote for them for years, helped edit a few and there are so precious few decent writers pitching/submitting, that most good articles that arrived complete were bought. A regional equine newspaper might be a good bet.

But rescue farms have been done upmteen times by now; it will need a fresh angle. Good luck.

7:10 PM  
Blogger Query-A-Day said...

Thank you for the advice and for reading! There was a recent uproar in our area when a local college equestrian club held a donkey basketball tournament to raise money for this particular rescue. Made the news for weeks- letters to the editors were going back and forth. That's not the angle I am taking- but thought it may stir some chatter on the blog!

9:43 PM  
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