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Monday, July 31, 2006

Updates: I'm Back. I survived chemistry.

Sometimes I like to think I am Super Woman.

I'm not. When I started this blog, I was committed to keeping it up to date with my ideas, submissions and other aspects of my writing life. It started off wonderfully! I received such great feedback from fellow writers-- a real show of support from the online writing community. I felt like I was doing something very new and also inspiring.

But-- then I started a new full-time job and also an intense six week long chemistry class. It was one of the toughest months of my life-- super long days. And in order to pass this class, I had to temporarily make a sacrifice. I traded in my laptop and spiral notebook for a periodic table and scientific calculator. After I passed the class with a 2.0, I still was adjusting to getting used to my new work schedule and whatnot.

Oh-- I've still came up with some ideas over this time. I just haven't been able to sit down with a clear mind and bang out query letters. I had been trying to get started back on this blog-- and a few things have inspired me... my boyfriend, Dave got me a laptop for my birthday and it has made things a lot easier. My old computer was on the brink for sometime. More importantly, there is no air in my office at home. So, I can take the laptop to the rooms that do have air, or at least a good breeze! (And, less clutter!)

Second, today has been an inspiring day which is why I am writing this now, pledging to myself to get back in gear. I received two GREAT pieces of mail today in my good old mailbox.

1) A contractor invoice for GAMES Magazine-- for the "Bookends" I submitted in June or July-- see below for the entry when I queried. YAY! All the querying paid off!

2) I received the nicest post card today-- I want to scan it in to share with everyone. A young woman sent me the nicest note-- she is an aspiring writer and found the blog. She said it inspired her to get more active with her writing-- she said that in the past few months she has been actively sending out letters with her own ideas. I've gotten some emails as well-- but getting a postcard from this military PO Box with a beautiful landscape and a handwritten note just made my day and made me feel like this blog was something special. Jennifer-- thank YOU for inspiring me to get back in gear, and best of luck to you!

Ah-- back in the saddle again. I will start with an entry tomorrow.